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Heidelberg SM-CD-74-5H

Heidelberg SM-CD-74-5H

  • Machine Model: SM-CD-74-5H
  • Number of colors: 5
  • Max. B2 format
  • Year of production: 2004
  • Machine number: 3101193
  • Price: POA
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100% POA POA


  • Model: 429_LS+C
  • Colors:
  • Max. formát B2
  • Age: 2015
  • Ref. No.: 310119
  • PQC-S
  • KHS
  • Price: POA
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100% POA POA
Polar 115X 45 in. Programmable Paper Cutter

Polar 115X 45 in. Programmable Paper Cutter

  • Used Polar paper cutter POLAR 115X
  • Year of production 2005 S/N 7521228
  • Air bed
  • Programmable with memory
  • safety sensors
  • Price on request
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100% POA POA


  • Model: CD74-5LX-F
  • Age: c.2003
  • Circa 189million impressions
  • Equipped With:- F- format press CP2000 Alcolor with Vario dampening Autoplate Preset Extended delivery Anti-static in feeder Intercom Air transfer Ultrasonic 2 sheet detector Technotrans Beta C combined recirc/refrig/ ink temp control - water cooled Steel plate in feeder/delivery Grafix digitronic powder spray Heidelberg Airstar UV IST 3 lamps end of press 2 Interdec Vario system Axis control Chamber and analog coater HA Extended delivery (X3)
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100% POA POA
Wohlenberg Cutter 155 year 2003

Wohlenberg Cutter 155 year 2003

  • Wohlenberg paper cutter full line
  • Lifft
  • Jogger
  • Unloader
  • Cutting size 155 cm
  • Year of production 2003
  • Air table
  • Photo beams
  • Digital monitor with memory
  • Test possíble
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100% POA POA
Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-10-P6 with MCS

Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-10-P6 with MCS

  • Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-10-P6 with MCS module Inline coating system
  • Age 2005
  • CP 2000 Center
  • Image Control CPC 24
  • Autoplate
  • Preset Plus Feeder
  • Preset Plus Delivery
  • Trockner HD-IR-Plus
  • Powder spray Exatronic Duo Plus
  • CleanStar
  • Eltex
  • AirStar Pro
  • Coating Inline system MCS in Unit 5
  • Coating Inline system MCS in Unit 10
  • Prfection 5/5 - 10/0
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100% POA POA
2008 Roland 706 LTTLV UV HiPrint

2008 Roland 706 LTTLV UV HiPrint

  • MABEG feeder
  • Pneumatic sidelays
  • Carton device
  • Chromed cylinders
  • Dualdrive
  • APL
  • RCI
  • Deltamatic dampening
  • 2 Coating units with Tresu (conventional + UV)
  • UV lack preheating
  • AirGlide delivery
  • Automatic size setting in delivery
  • Ionization Karsten
  • Automatic washers
  • Ink temperature control
  • IR/Hot air dryer Secomatic in delivery between coating units (doubled)
  • IR/Hot air/UV dryer in extended delivery
  • Grafix Cantronic
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100% POA POA
Heidelberg SM 74-5H

Heidelberg SM 74-5H

  • Machine Model: SM 74-5-H
  • Ca.190 mil.
  • PressCenter with AxisControl
  • Year of production: 2010
  • Autoplate
  • Alcolor
  • Washing complete
  • High pile
  • Alphatronic 200
  • Test possible at any time!
  • Price 195 000 eur
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100% POA POA
R 705 3B+LV HiPrint 2008

R 705 3B+LV HiPrint 2008

  • Age: 2008
  • Condition: Good
  • Condition of cylinders: Damage free
  • Location: Europe Czech Republic
  • Under power: Yes
  • Still in production: Yes
  • Test possible: Yes
  • Complete and in working condition: Yes
  • Available: 05/2020
  • Counter approx.: 83 mio
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100% POA POA

Printing machines are requisite in the industries which have the requirement of printing the things in a bulk quantity. One can find new printing machines in the market for industrial requirements and pay the high prices to get the machines for making the production easier. However, if you are thinking about saving the cost by investing in an un-branded machine, you are definitely starting with a wrong foot and hence, you can fall down really fast. The machines that are not quality tested and served under the reputed brand names can break anytime and cause the functioning to stop. Looking for a solution to save your costs and get the best items? We have the best remedy for your problems.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q: When should I use an offset printing machine versus a digital printing machine?


    Basically, it depends on the size of the unit or printing press unit that whether to go for digital or off-set. The basic and main difference between both is that digital printer is better suited for short run printing i.e starting at 1 single copy whereas off-set printer is best for long run prints i.e starting at economical 2000+ identical copies. Hence, get your perfect mate as per your need and size of the printing business or projects.

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