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2008 Roland 706 LTTLV UV HiPrint

2008 Roland 706 LTTLV UV HiPrint

  • MABEG feeder
  • Pneumatic sidelays
  • Carton device
  • Chromed cylinders
  • Dualdrive
  • APL
  • RCI
  • Deltamatic dampening
  • 2 Coating units with Tresu (conventional + UV)
  • UV lack preheating
  • AirGlide delivery
  • Automatic size setting in delivery
  • Ionization Karsten
  • Automatic washers
  • Ink temperature control
  • IR/Hot air dryer Secomatic in delivery between coating units (doubled)
  • IR/Hot air/UV dryer in extended delivery
  • Grafix Cantronic
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In a commercial aspect, the printing industry is a vital part of every working unit and make them proliferate their sales. However, do you know what does actually accentuate the production of the printing industry? The excellent working printing machines. If you wish to get yourself an efficient and functional printing machine that can make your work easy and fast, then you shall reach out to MK Machinery, a reputed supplier of Man Roland Printing Machine. We do not manufacture the machines or supply the new items, instead, we take the second-hand products from the industrialists who are no longer using the same and sell it to the ones who are in need of it, but cannot afford to buy a new product, because of its extensive prices. While buying such massive machines, one can be dubious about the quality and the life of the product, hence, to clear all the doubts, we offer the option of checking the quality of the product with various tests and performance. Once satisfied, the buyer shall proceed with the purchase.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q: How Man Roland printing machine is a great option to go for?

    A: These are one of the best and great options to choose for your printing business because of its performance. There is a trend towards effectiveness, efficiency and value, and this perfectly defines Man Roland machines. Hence, it could be your perfect mate in the long run and will serve you with immensely hi-end.
  • Q: What are the key features of a used Roland printing machine?

  • Q: Can I get a chance to test before buying the machine?

  • Q: Which model of Man Roland printing machine do you offer?