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  • Model: 429_LS+C
  • Colors:
  • Max. formát B2
  • Age: 2015
  • Ref. No.: 310119
  • PQC-S
  • KHS
  • Price: POA
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100% POA POA

Printing Machines are very beneficial for the industries that have the work of producing prints on different items. However, buying them can be a money-draining practice. The new branded printing machines’ prices are sky-rocketing and buying them is not easy for everyone. MK Machinery introduces the best used Komori for the businesses who have a low budget, but still wish to get their hands on the most appreciable items in the domain. We are the suppliers, bridging the gap between the sellers of the old machines and the buyers of the same.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q: Is the Komori printing machine cost-effective?

    A: Yes, these machines are immensely cost-effective as they give the best and have the capacity of working continuously. The best part is that you can get this at the best price at MK Machinery which makes it more effective. And efficient as it prints a huge number of printing units in a single time.
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