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Heidelberg SM-CD-74-5H

Heidelberg SM-CD-74-5H

  • Machine Model: SM-CD-74-5H
  • Number of colors: 5
  • Max. B2 format
  • Year of production: 2004
  • Machine number: 3101193
  • Price: POA
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  • Model: CD74-5LX-F
  • Age: c.2003
  • Circa 189million impressions
  • Equipped With:- F- format press CP2000 Alcolor with Vario dampening Autoplate Preset Extended delivery Anti-static in feeder Intercom Air transfer Ultrasonic 2 sheet detector Technotrans Beta C combined recirc/refrig/ ink temp control - water cooled Steel plate in feeder/delivery Grafix digitronic powder spray Heidelberg Airstar UV IST 3 lamps end of press 2 Interdec Vario system Axis control Chamber and analog coater HA Extended delivery (X3)
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Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-10-P6 with MCS

Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-10-P6 with MCS

  • Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-10-P6 with MCS module Inline coating system
  • Age 2005
  • CP 2000 Center
  • Image Control CPC 24
  • Autoplate
  • Preset Plus Feeder
  • Preset Plus Delivery
  • Trockner HD-IR-Plus
  • Powder spray Exatronic Duo Plus
  • CleanStar
  • Eltex
  • AirStar Pro
  • Coating Inline system MCS in Unit 5
  • Coating Inline system MCS in Unit 10
  • Prfection 5/5 - 10/0
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Heidelberg SM 74-5H

Heidelberg SM 74-5H

  • Machine Model: SM 74-5-H
  • Ca.190 mil.
  • PressCenter with AxisControl
  • Year of production: 2010
  • Autoplate
  • Alcolor
  • Washing complete
  • High pile
  • Alphatronic 200
  • Test possible at any time!
  • Price 195 000 eur
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Printing is an essential service that is needed by different industries. The products you purchase or the clothes you wear are seldom presented with prints on them. Therefore, it can be said that printing is an eminent service and it is supported by the machines that work tirelessly and produce error-free results, always.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q: What are the key features of the Heidelberg printing machine?

    A: Heidelberg is one of the famous printing brands. A well-engineered printing machine with astonishing key features and they are as follows:
    • Machine control is assisted by CP 2000 with memory.
    • Pressure rollers and plates are designed in such a way that it automatically washes the body of the machine.
    • Inkline present in the machine makes it perform in an even more impressive way.
    • It comes with a dusting-Grafix exatronic, which makes work easier.
    • One of the attractive features is ionization at compact and the loading pre-set.
    • This Heidelberg model comes with cooling techno trans.
  • Q: Which model of Heidelberg for sale do you offer?

  • Q: How does an offset used printing machine work?

  • Q: Is the offset process right for printing every material?