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Over the past few years, MK Machinery has been renowned as a leading supplier of printing equipment. We are a supplier of used and new offset printing machines and equipment. The company comes from the Czech Republic and our clients include printers from the USA, INDIA, China and the EU. We supply all known brands such as Heidelberg, Komori, Man Roland and Koenig & Bauer KBA.

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Polar 115X 45 in. Programmable Paper Cutter

Polar 115X 45 in. Programmable Paper Cutter

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Buy/Sell Used Printing Machines and Equipment

When talking about printing, you may imagine a small desktop printer or a large printer that is usually seen in corporate offices. But have you ever wondered what machines are used to print millions of newspapers and magazines? Heavy industrial printing machines are involved in churning out innumerable copies of your favourite newspaper. Machines like these are huge in size and are extremely heavy to be moved by human force alone.

These machines are very expensive and prone to mechanical damage. It is not in the best interest of many small-scale companies to buy brand new printing machines. Many industries and small businesses prefer to buy used printing machines and equipment at lower prices. Buying a used Komori printing machine in good condition saves a lot of money for the company. But again, finding used printing machines and equipment is a tough task in itself. There are a lot of companies out there that deal in used printing presses and other equipment, and MK Machinery is a leading and trusted company, to say the least.

MK Machinery: A Solution To Your Printing Needs

MK Machinery is a Czech company dealing in used industrial printers and other equipment for several years now. This company has a reputation for buying and selling printing machinery in good condition. One of the specialities of this company is that they perform a detailed examination of each machine to check for any faults or malfunctions. Only the best machines are displayed and sold and prices are available on request. They maintain a database of used machinery on their website and also allow you to register your machine for selling.

Our Services

As a leading trader of, we have amassed much respect in this community and are in touch with experts who have complete knowledge about every type of printing machinery. We also arrange delivery of heavy equipment across large distances and make sure you get your shipment in the stipulated time.

We also provide quality servicing and spare parts for Adast and Polly machinery. We provide our services in Czech Republic, Europe, Poland and Germany.

Our Specializations

Over the years, we have specialised in trading of used printing machines and equipment from various international companies. We are a trusted dealer of printing equipment from brands like Komori, Heidelberg, Koenig and Bauer, and Manroland. These international companies are industry leaders and have been manufacturing top-notch industrial machinery for generations. We have a versatile catalogue of used Heidelberg machines that are tested to perfection. Our offers also include used roland equipment and machinery.

Browse our expansive catalogue and get detailed specifications about used Heidelberg, Komori, and used Roland machinery. Post your own machines for sale on our website by filling out the details online. To buy any of the machinery from our listings, contact us or request an offer online as per your convenience.